10 Places that Aren’t as Nice as Shown on TV


We may be living in an era of long-formed drama but TV is only an escape for most people. Perhaps this escape makes products sold that are not even worth it. We just can’t fault Media executives for presenting such things the if we actually do so they would just switch on the nightly news if people wanted to see how the world actually looks.

Often it is important to adapt in-depth documentaries and instructional programs, but it is difficult to market for visitors who want to rest after a long day. We relate absolutely! What is more satisfying than seeing fake people fall in love with the idyllic environment of Europe or have a much better secondary education experience than you would imagine? We are saying that making the universe digestible on a screen is not a felony, but be ready to be fooled by the IRL version.

20 locations that look cooler only on-screen than in person from sports activities to tourism attractions.

Golf Tournaments

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We do not want to rag live sports, but whole papers on why golf is the worst spectator sport in the world have been published… If you want to see something worthwhile at all, you have to flip through 18 holes and then hope that when something exciting happens you are in the right place. At least you’ll get more exercise than the real golfers. And is it not the point of watching rambunctious sports? Just be ready for lots of shushing at the range.

Football Games

Getty Images KANSAS CITY, MO – SEPTEMBER 07: Fans tailgate before the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium on September 7, 2014 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

You don’t know how glacially slow football moves until you don’t have ads. In NFL games it’s much more intensive, where some of these breaks are particularly for commercial breaks. Moreover, at the stadium, you spend more on a single bottle than for a six-pack at home. Not to mention the extremely long queues and packed recesses. TV makes football matches seem like a crazy escape when it actually just sits in grim stalls and attempts to find the way to even grimmer toilets. However, well, this is Football!

Times Square

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Yeah, it’s an astonishment to see the crowds of people standing about for the ball to drop, but have you ever been in a crowd so large? The pushing and shoving and mutual body odor were unpleasant enough when you pair it with all the partying people do to usher in the New Year. People wait the whole day to get their place behind the barriers; they can’t even go to the bathroom! Better to take this one to a party with some friends who will give you odd post-party influenza less likely.

The Evening News

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Let’s be frank, it’s not all legal trials. In general, it is much easier to watch the news than to be the news. The magic of interviews and news stories is absolutely revealed without any sophisticated lighting, color grading, or creative editing, to expose the monotonous truth which is life behind the camera.

 The Bottom of the Ocean

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There are all sorts of amazing life on the floor of the sea, but we don’t suggest attempting to find it out without several hundred million dollars worth of advanced equipment and a James Cameron-sized obstinate streak. Best to watch Blue Planet on constant.

Murder Trials

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You may argue all day if our obsession with celebrities’ court cases makes us awful (as it does) but you cannot make the argument that it is much better to take the juicy sections of the latest high profile TV trial than being stuck in the courtroom to hear every word of argument. The networks may lament what they want about not being permitted in courtrooms, but nobody wants to see how awkward legal cases proceed.

The Old West

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Anyone watching Deadwood or Justified assumes they’d be a badass sheriff, so what the real ratio of badass sheriffs to scared people is? We are able to live with Wi-Fi in a country. We are always grateful to live in a world of showers and penicillins, forget Wi-Fi. And TV to see these “Old West” videos, of course.

Comic Book Universes

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The CW and Disney+ improve the game with their superhero TV changes. From Arrow and The Flash to the numerous Marvel spinoffs soon to be released, these overly powerful people and their crime-ridden worlds can easily be envious of. Sadly for the average citizens, we are much less likely to be the hero of a story than the unintentional survivor of a collapsing house that Superman has just conquered. And if you live in New York, the probability of mass destruction there is much greater. Hey, we’re not writing the rules.

The 1960s

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Even reveals that grappling with social unrest in the period such as Crazy Men cannot avoid portraying the decade as if everybody is individually dressed by Edith Head. For younger people, it is easy to say they were born at the wrong time, but we must keep the positive things (like music) when we are digging the hard stuff (like legal segregation). We’re just going to pretend to watch Mad Men, thanks. And the over-political drug war? 

Los Angeles

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With Los Angeles, nothing is wrong. The overwhelming number of tourists who flock there reveals something special about it, be it the great weather or the Hollywood charm. For this cause, L.A. is one of the most-depicted locales on film. However fantastic it can be, it can’t be all of the stuff that it’s shown to be. Not to say that the Sanford and the Son edition glosses several social problems in the area, including the huge problem of homelessness, with the goal of focusing on Hollywood “phony” and ennui.

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