10 Cool Must-Have Accessories for Travelers


When you plan your journey, make sure that you have all the essential travel accessories to enhance your safety and simply have more fun. Here is our list of 10 must-haves for awesome traveling.

1. Ergonomic Travel Pillow

Long trips always make us exhausted. No matter what transport you’re using, you need your seat to be comfortable. The travel pillow enhances your stability and protects your head in case of let’s say turbulence. With this travel accessory, you will sleep comfortably, free of worrying about losing your balance.

2. Water Purifier

According to the World Health Organization, every third person in the world does not have access to safe drinking water. Isn’t it terrible? Of course, you might find yourself in the same position on your trip. And sometimes clean water is accessible but tends to be quite pricey. In these situations a water filtering bottle will be extremely useful: you will be able to drink tap water, water from a river, or a stream and so on.

3. Car Roof Racks

Not all trips require flying – you can also travel within your country or go to a neighboring state. But road trips, too, need preparation and special travel accessories. Roof racks are one of them: they allow you to transport everything you need much easier.

4. Insect Repellents

Not only are insects nasty and annoying, but they can also transmit a potentially deadly disease to you, especially in tropical climate. So, if you want to spend time outside, admire the scenery or go for a hike, a high-quality mosquito repellent is a must.

5. Portable Hotspot

Nowadays access to the Internet is almost as important as to shelter or food.  There are certain limitations in Internet access in some countries, and a portable internet hotspot may well come in handy.

6. Charging Adapter

We all know how vital it is to charge all your gadgets during a trip. So it comes as no surprise that a portable adapter, that solves the problem of different voltages, will certainly make your life much easier.

7. Washing Bag for Clothes

Washing your clothes during traveling is not easy, and at the same time hiring people to do your laundry can be expensive. A washing bag is an awesome travel accessory that will help you get your clothes clean fast. It can be used for both washing clothes and drying them.

8. Waterproof Document Holder

Keeping your passport and other documents good and dry is probably one of the most important things during travel. A document holder is the best means to protect them from accidental folding, moving around with your luggage, and getting wet.

9. Cubes for Packing

With the help of our next must-have travel accessory, packing cube, you can keep your stuff in separate “chambers” not to mix up everything in your travel bag. Whenever you want to access your laptop or passport, you will know exactly where they are.

10. Waterproof Smartphone Case

A protective case for your smartphone is a great travel accessory because often tucking your phone in a rain jacket is not enough. What is more, it enables you to use your gadget even underwater!

Thanks for reading, and make sure to equip yourself with the most helpful travel accessories from this list before your next trip!

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